Emma Stone 2014 appearance outfits so far.

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reason #54 why stonefield is the best couple to ever walk the earth:

Andrew being a human shield and walking in front of Emma so the paparazzis will photograph him instead of her.

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New picture of Emma and Andrew at the Magic in the Moonligh After Party, July 17

New picture of Emma and Andrew at the Magic in the Moonligh After Party, July 17

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Emma Stone on The Charlie Rose Show with Colin Firth 7.16.14.

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Apparently, someone was shouting some nasty things to Emma at the Magic in the Moonlight premiere, so Andrew gave the person the most polite middle finger ever.

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#if the caption is true then this is just the funiest/meanest/cutest thing ever!

Anonymous said:

"Just passed Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone walking/laughing together. Their love is reeeeaaaaal." Crying and this is just a tweet lol


Awwwww thanks for sharing that anon!

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What do you think was the most romantic picture of Andrew Garfield and Emma stone off set from the amazing spider man 2

I think it’s got to be when Andrew kissed Emma while he was still in his spider-man costume. Even with the mask on, they still went for a kiss which is like the most adorable thing ever!


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I'm sure that the weight gain and beard Andrew has recently been fashioning are in preparation for his upcoming role as a Jesuit priest in the Martin Scorsese movie.

That’s definitely a possibility.

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do you still use hotspot to watch US videos? my free trial is up and I don't want to pay for it do u know any other software that are similar?

I do still use hotspot. I’m not sure if I downloaded the free trial or not but It hasn’t expired on me just yet. Based on google, you can find other similar programs here (X).

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Do you know when TASM2 is released on DVD in Denmark?

All I know is that it’s supposed to come out on DVD on August 19, 2014.

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