Frequently Asked Questions

When did Andrew and Emma started dating?

This is actually the question I get asked the most!

I’ve been told by many people that they started seeing each other right after Andrew broke up with his previous girlfriend, which is back in May 2011. Someone even pointed out that on May 13, 2012, there were pics of them going out all dressed up. Maybe to celebrate their anniversary?

I don’t think anyone will ever know until there’s a reliable source that can confirm that or if they can actually confirm it themselves. Until then, we can only make speculations.

Again, if anyone has any confirmations, please feel free to share your thoughts on when they started dating, that would be awesome:) THANKS!

We haven’t seen pictures of them together lately. Should we worry about their relationship?

You have to know that if there are no pics of them, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t together anymore! Maybe they are busy filming, going to the gym, catching up with some friends, or maybe they have just decided to stay home and spend some time there.

EVERYONE should stop worrying about them! It’s really sad that people think that way, and assume things too fast. If you love and support Stonefield as a couple, then have faith that they are going strong and have a healthy relationship.


Where can I find the video of this gif?

I would be more than happy to give you the link. I do have my own saved list, so I will try my best to answer back. However, I suggest you ask the original gif maker first, because chances are they have it saved somewhere.

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Yes, I do. However, I only use it for updates and not for personal use. If you would like to follow me on twitter, please message me privately.


Sorry, I do NOT do followbacks. But if you want me to check your blog out, I will gladly do so.

Question/Message not answered?

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