Emma Stone out in New York City. (September 17, 2014)

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Emma Stone in West Village today, September 17

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Anonymous said:

hey! love your blog :) do you have the video or do you know the source of where the gif in the middle row, last column came from where he says its a fuck question? /post/50629945517/andrew-garfield-being-just-andrew-troll-russel

Sorry I don’t:(

Would anyone know where I can find this video?

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Anonymous said:

Do you have the link to the interview where emma says paparazzi stalked her house for weeks?

I’m not sure if this is the interview you are looking for. (X).

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Anonymous said:

If you have to choose your 3 favourite interviews of Stonefield, which would you pick ?

1) The Moviefone interview in 2012, just because it felt like they were the only ones in the room and it just felt like they were a little more open and comfortable. (X)

2) The Fandango Interview, because they played a game which made them act like a newlywed couple. (X)

3) Probably my favorite, the Mtime interview from Beijing where they adorably complemented each other (internally and externally). (X)

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Anonymous said:

if you’re ever having a bad day just imagine Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone jamming out to Spice Girls in a car while cruising down the highway.

HAHA! Yes, that would definitely make up for my bad day:)

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"I’m playing a Jesuit priest, and Adam Driver and I are brothers in the priesthood. We play these young, idealistic, hungry priests who are on a mission to bring faith to the hidden Christians of Japan during that time, that weren’t allowed to be Christians under this extremist Buddhist regime that was happening during that period — you don’t usually associate the two things. So we’re on a mission to find our old teacher who’s gone missing. It’s a rescue mission as well as a mission of faith and a mission for God. I’ve been researching a lot about what it is to be a Jesuit and it’s a very beautiful faith as far as I’m seeing. I haven’t been religious all my life, but I definitely feel a need for spirituality in my life and I’m in the process of finding out what that means for me. It’s a beautiful process to go into. It’s something I’ve been longing for all my life."
— Andrew Garfield on ‘Silence’ by Martin Scorsese (via andrewgarfielddaily)
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Emma out and about in NYC, September 17

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#And that other coffee is for who may I ask?! ANDREW!

Emma Stone in New York City, september 16th

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Emma Stone seen out and about in NYC September 16th

Emma Stone seen out and about in NYC September 16th

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